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Innovation Office

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we announce the passing of Mary-Ann Chetty, a dear friend and a valued colleague. Mary-Ann was the Senior Innovation Manager within the Innovation Office for the last five years and she played an integral part within the office as well as within the University.  She will be sorely missed by all those who had the pleasure of knowing her and working with her.

In remembrance and to celebrate the life of Mary-Ann, a memorial service to commemorate her life will be held once NMMU operations resume.




Innovation Office

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is a university “for tomorrow” - we nurture innovation, foster creativity, embrace technology, and develop people to meet the challenges of the world of tomorrow. “For tomorrow” also symbolises our commitment to sustainable development - development that meets today’s needs and can be continued into the future.

As part of this commitment to tomorrow, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University actively drives innovation in our city, region and nation.  The Innovation Office, incorporating innovation support as well as technology transfer activities, works with researchers and external partners to create economic benefit for South Africa.

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Mrs Elsa Van Wyk
Tel: 27 41 504 4309